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Hydrographic Printing Specialists

With our primary area of work being motor vehicle tinting, wrapping and alloy wheel repairs. We have also added to our list of services the exciting area of Hydrographic printing, Carbon Fibre Dipping or Water Transfer Printing. Being used for endless applications this really is the new form of printing to 3D objects.

We offer a bespoke coating service to any of your products such as motor car parts, motor cycle parts, pretty much anything you can think of.


Hydrographic Dipping - How It Works

Water Transfer Printing also known as (Hydrographic dipping, Hydro dipping, Hydro imaging, Carbon Dipping) is a surface decoration technology that takes a specialized film printed with real life looking designs. An example of designs available can be seen at our sister company Carbon Dipz.

Just about any item can be hydro dipped such as Motor vehicle dashboardsVehicle interiorsHandlesSwitches as well as many other items.

Water Transfer Printing and Hydrographics can be applied to materials such as metals, plastics or wood, coating exotic complex three dimensional images in a very high quality. Creating a new colour and appearance increasing appeal and value.

Creating a whole new colourful world with Water Transfer Printing technology.

For the equipment to do your own Hydrographic Dipping have a look at our sister company that has all the commercial equipment needed for Hydrographics -