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Residential, Commercial & Car Window Tinting UK

Custotints offer a quality service at competitive prices. We are a well established company, having been involved in window film service for the commercial, residential and auto tinting markets for many years.

We supply and install the highest quality window film, window tinting cars, commercial vehicles and plant equipment.

Our comprehensive range of products include window films to solve most glass related problems which include.

  •  Safety / Security – Clear or tinted / Deters Smash & Grab
  •  Solar / Glare control – Many colours to choose from
  •  UV / Fade Protection – Clear or tinted
  •  Protects Children / Pets / personal equipment

We are able to offer a range of shades that will compliment any vehicle to give you that custom look.

You will find that your vehicle is much cooler inside, all the light glare has been taken away which leaves you with a private professional look.

Custotints offers a one-to-one consultation which is tailored to your needs. We also offers a networking service inviting all traders in the car industry to work alongside us to meet all customers needs.

Vehicle Wrapping and Graphics

Vehicle wrapping is a new vinyl revolution which has been designed as a cost effective means of colour wrapping a vehicle whether for promotional purposes or for long term applications.

The wraps educate, entertain and inform motorists and pedestrians while they are commuting.

Wraps have many advantages over conventional re-sprays and with our fitters’ skills to cover any vehicle, this can be applied and removed within 24 hours.

Vehicle wrap offers an advertising tool that doesn’t wait to be seen but goes out and proactively markets itself.

Vehicle wrapping is the new mobile outdoor advertising medium and seems to be popping up in every major city in the UK and abroad.

A good wrap must be able to cover the windows but not impede visibility and its vinyl materials must be weather resistant to heat, UV, cold and wind. Adherence to the vehicle shell is important, as the wrap must stay on without it peeling off, before purposely being pulled off. Lastly, the vinyl must be easily removed without damaging the vehicle surface with an adhesive residue or even worse, stripping the exterior paint off the vehicle.

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